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How to Choose the Best Resume Template?

Creating an impressive resume that stands out from all the others is made easy with My Smart CV. You don’tneed graphic designing skills to develop an excellent CV that can land you a job. All you need is to choose the best resume template and start personalizing it to your own liking.

You will see many choices of resume templates in our online library with different styles for all kinds of profiles. So how do you choose the most appropriate template for your profile, profession, experience, and desired job? Keep reading on how to choose the best resume template here at My Smart CV.

Why Should You Choose a Resume Template?

It’s going to be a real headache to come up with an impressive resume template from scratch. You need to match the colors, choose a readable font, learn how to align the blocks of text, or add in little details. In short, you’re going to need a creative eye and necessary graphic design skills.

That’s why it’s going to be better to choose a resume template rather than going through the headache of making one from scratch. Here are some benefits if you choose a resume template here at My Smart CV.

  • Using a resume template can save you time: When designing a resume template, it will take the time it can take hours or even days in the making. Rather than wasting time on designing and unleashing your graphic designing skills, focus on how to improve your content.
  • Our resume templates have a modern design: If you want your resume to stand out, you need choices of modern template designs. We have many modern design resume templates that are continuously improved to your liking.
  • We have many choices in colors and layouts: The more choices there are, the easier it is to find a perfect resume template that suits you best. Since it is suggested to choose a resume template differently depending on the profession, you won’t have a hard time finding from the many choices available at My Smart CV.
  • Easy to personalize resume template: Our resume template is easy to edit so you can personalize the contents. The colors, font size, font type, headings can be easily customized.
  • Increase your chances of landing a job: The professional-looking resume templates we have will increase your chances of landing a job. Your smart resume will give that impression to recruiting managers that you are an expert and experienced person that will make them want to hire you.

What Are the Criteria in Selecting an Impressive CV Template?

With the many selections of resume templates, it’s no walk in the park when choosing. If you’re not quite sure how to select which resume template suits your needs best, here are some criteria you should consider.

1 . Select depending on the position and company: If you’reapplying for a marketing position for an event planning company, you might want to express your creativity on your resume by choosing a more original design with more graphic features. For an executive job, you might want to choose a classic modern designwith more sober colors.

2 . Select depending on your level of experience: If you’re a college student or a new graduate about to enter the workforce, you may want to opt for a template that emphasizes your diploma and training. For more experienced professionals, highlight your work experience and skills. Also, it is suggested that you choose a template that has two columns so you can fit everything you need to place on the CV.

3 . Select depending on your profession: There are many CVs to choose from depending on your career. It can be the finance, healthcare, food industry, or law firms. These templates have specific icons, illustrations, or headings that are designed for a particular profession.

4 . Select according to your personality: The CV is considered a great way to express your personality. So it’s always best to choose a template you think will represent who you are. Of course, on top of the three criteria mentioned above. You always have the freedom to add details that expresses yourself. It can be a specific layout, a dominant color, or even a new graphic design.