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English CV: Essential Rules to Follow

Follow Knowing how to write an English or American CV is important when vying for international positions. Companies that follow Anglo-Saxon culture would prefer an English CV over other types.

There are essential rules tofollow when writing an English CV and knowing its major differences compared to a French CV is crucial when applying.

The structure of an English CV An English CV has its own structure. It is different from a French CV in a way that it follows a certainorder and it must contain details such as your personal information, professional objective, and experience.

Personal Information

The following particulars must be found on your cv:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Telephone or mobile number
  • Mail Address
  • Nationality

These pieces of information are mandatory in an English CV and also remember that details such as age, gender, and marital status are highly forbidden. These are considered to be discriminatory so it must be opted out of your CV.

You can alsoplace a photo, however, this is only optional. It is one of the major differences between an English CV and a French CV since the latter type almost always include a picture.

By following the above-recommended structure and taking note of what information must and must not be included, you can easily make an English CV that can help you easily get that job abroad.

Career objective In this section, you must write what your goals are in your career as well as the type of position that you want. It is highly recommended that this section is straightforward, concise, and placed inside a frame for better emphasis.

Professional experience experienceThis section is by far the most crucial out of all parts of an English CV. Most employers would put a great value on job experiences which is why it is important to write this section well.

If you have a wide range of experience, it is recommended to include those which are closely related to the job that you are applying for. This would likely convince your employer that you already are adept for the position.

As for the structure, list down all your experiences in an anti-chronological order. It is important to include information on the job title, name of previous employer, activities, and achievements. Also, use action verbs written in the past tense.

Initial training For an English CV, what is needed are only diplomas obtained after getting your bachelor’s degree. Take note that you also have to translate your French diplomas.

Specific skills skillsLike your job experience, this section on skill set is also crucial in your English CV. Choose those that are related and meaningful for the job that you are applying for. In this modern age, office automation and software skills are also important.

In addition, sinceyou are applying for companies in Anglo-Saxon countries, language proficiency is also a must in an English CV. Your language level must be listed in the following order:

  • Bilingual
  • Fluent
  • Working Knowledge
  • Conversational

Various This section deals with activities outside of work. This usually helps the employer have a good look at your personality. You can include your extra-curricular activities but make sure to put only those that are highly significant such as heading a charitable organization or being the president of an association.

References This section is mandatory in an English CV. List down reputable people and their positions that can vouch for your work abilities.

Other particulars of an English CV It is important to keep your English CV concise since it is only usually written on one page. However, there are also instances where the CV would run on two pages on occasions where the person has a lot of important job experiences.

As for the formalities, do not use personal pronouns and allthe sentences must be written in the past tense. For example, use the sentence “Designed a software” instead of saying “I designed a software." Also, take note of the spelling differences between British English and American English since the former wouldspell “Programme” while the latter would write it as “Program”.

On a final note, do not be tempted to literally translate your French CV into English using automatic translation tools. It usually leads to misinterpretations and wrong grammar which can affect your CV. Using ready-made templates and looking for examples for an English CV always is the better option.